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Enjoying God Forever

The first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, “What is the chief end of man?” Answer: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” A student misquoted this as, “Our purpose is to glorify God and endure Him forever.” The mistake is funny, but isn’t that sometimes how we secretly feel about eternity? What will we do there except sing praise songs? How wonderful for the first million years. But . . . forever?

Walking Wounded

The Allies suffered heavy losses at the Battle of Arnhem during World War II. Corporal Ray Sheriff of the 3rd Parachute Battalion was blinded in the battle, captured, and sent to a POW camp. After three months, his Regimental Sergeant Major J. C. Lord finally tracked him down. In a room full of men of different nationalities, he spotted the corporal sitting cross-legged on the floor, with his head slumped low. Striding up, he greeted him cheerily: “Corporal Sheriff, how are you getting on?” Sheriff instantly recognized the voice and jumped to attention: “Hello, Sir, it’s good to hear your voice.”

A New Family

Although God’s unconditional love is the foundation of faith in Jesus, really believing in unearned love isn’t easy. As Dale Ryan, CEO of Christian Recovery International, points out, even jokes depicting St. Peter’s questions at the “pearly gates” reveal an assumption that God’s love is extended based on our beliefs.

Adopted as Heirs

An American family welcomed the opportunity to host an Eastern-European girl for a month. As their time together came to an end, the couple decided to engage in the long and costly process of adopting her, for in a few years she would be deemed too old for her orphanage. My friends loved her and feared she would have fallen prey to human trafficking—the sad fate of a large number of young women who “age out” of the system. The couple extended the love of Christ to her and made her their daughter and heir.

The Root of Unity

Few boxing rivalries are as legendary as the one between Joe Louis, an African-American boxer, and Max Schmeling, a German fighter who was a favorite of Hitler’s (although Schmeling personally had no love for the Nazi regime). The two men were promoted as bitter rivals, but the truth is that the two later became close friends. Schmeling even helped pay for Louis’ funeral in 1981. Very different from one another, they shared a friendship that went beyond the bounds of sameness.

Equals in Jesus

A woman named Wednesday was out walking when she saw a well-dressed woman coming toward her. The woman drifted in her path, pushing Wednesday to the edge of the sidewalk. As she brushed by, Wednesday noticed she was carrying a $60,000 Birkin handbag. She realized if she was going to be accepted in New York’s prestigious Upper East Side, she would have to get one.

His kids

Two teenage Chinese brothers are living with us as they attend school in the US. Since we have three biological sons, my wife and I call Dongyao and Dongpeng our “Chinese sons.” They have loving parents in China, but we’re also striving to love them well. We now have five kids!

we are family

We often say in the church that we’re a family, and we address each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. But what does that really mean? What implications does the word family hold?

brothers and sisters

Julian and Adrian Riester were born in Buffalo, New York, in 1919. The identical twins lived their lives in sync—attending the same schools (where they enjoyed switching identities and fooling teachers) and taking many trips together over their 92 years on earth. Eventually, they both became Franciscan friars and spent most of their time at New York’s St. Bonaventure University,…

the cost of citizenship

My adopted son became a naturalized American citizen when we flew in from Uganda on 3rd June, 2011 and passed through immigration. Though we were in America only for the summer, and would return to Uganda a few weeks later, by law my son's citizenship is his for life.

His rights as a citizen include voting in elections, serving on…

who's your family?

They say that a dog’s owner often looks like their dog. I've seen a lot of funny pictures where there seems to be some truth to that. Here's a picture of my dog. No, I'm not going to put a picture of me up. I don’t look anything like her, and I don’t want to hear otherwise. :)

It's fun…

God's friend

If I were to tell you that the president of your country is my friend, it’s likely you wouldn’t believe me. You might even be tempted to call me a liar. But if your president were to go on national TV and say publicly that I’m his friend, then all doubts would fade away, right? The facts would back up…

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