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Pursuing Holiness

I can resist anything except temptation.” We might smile at this quip by Oscar Wilde, but it also may invite us to challenge ourselves: Has our pursuit of holiness—reflecting God and conforming to His will—been weakened through the corrosive influence of modern culture’s love of pleasure? How can we, as we seek to honor God, resist temptation?

Feasting after Fasting

“How can they observe the season of Lent and then miss out on the feasting afterwards?” a friend asked, mulling over the seemingly lost practice of celebrating the season of Easter—the fifty days following Resurrection Sunday. Christians who follow a more liturgical tradition dedicate the forty days before Easter as a season of prayer and fasting (while celebrating the resurrection each Sunday), but they sometimes neglect to embrace the discipline of celebration during the Easter season. Fasting without the subsequent feasting loses the experience of joy that God longs for His people to know and embrace.

February 27, 2012

What does Lent mean to you? In what ways do you acknowledge it?

scandalous grace

Imagine you’re a member of an organized crime ring with connections to corrupt city authorities. You discover someone who knows your gang’s every deed. One night you decide to round him up. He has to be silenced. Your thugs bring him to you and you hatch a devious plot.

A news conference is held the next morning. The mayor steps…

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