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Salt for the Soil

Salt. It’s one of the world’s most valuable minerals and has helped advance modern civilization. Its preservative capabilities helped the ancient world prevent starvation by safely increasing the shelf life of meats and vegetables. Not surprisingly, the mining and trading of salt, along with transporting cured foods over long distances, became big business.

Salt and Life

People have fought over salt for thousands of years. A highly valued staple, governments have even tried to control the sale of it. In the fifteenth century, Venice and Genoa actually went to war over the seasoning agent. And in the early nineteenth century, thousands of Napoleon’s troops died during his retreat from Moscow because their wounds wouldn’t heal due to the lack of it. Gandhi led more than 60,000 people in the 240-mile Salt March to protest the British’s monopoly on the sale of the substance.

the little people

They had gathered on the lush, rolling slopes to hear Him. And He stood there on the hill, looking into the eyes of as many of them as He could.

salty flavor

In his book Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, George Barna reveals this interesting research statistic: Children are eight times more likely to accept Jesus as their Savior than teenagers and adults.

Barna’s findings are important. Along with the practical implication of needing to present God’s truth to the young, it made me wonder if we shouldn’t take a step back…

pillar of truth

My friend doesn’t like the idea of attending church. She says, “People leave their brains at the church doors.” A contemporary poet describes the church this way: “Outwardly splendid as of old; inwardly sparkless, void and cold. Her force and fire all spent and gone, like the dead moon she still shines on.”

For some people, the church is simply…

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