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Even the Worst

Every Christian has a story to tell. Some conversion testimonies are more dramatic and spectacular than others. Some claim to have seen a vision of Jesus, or that He healed them of a terminal disease. My simple story is that 45 years ago, someone shared the gospel with me and I believed. There was no thunder and lightning, but my heart was changed forever.


As a Christian radio host, I occasionally get to ask songwriters and musicians about the writing process that leads to the creation of their music. These worshipers often refer to a specific event that became the inspiration for a particular song. Then when I hear the track, I’m reminded of the story behind the lyrics. Just as these songs contain reminders of an individual’s journey, so do poems, blogs, paintings, and social media updates. They all serve as ways we can remind ourselves and others of the provision, deliverance, and presence of God.

master broadcaster

Jesus was a strategic broadcaster. Whenever crowds gathered around the Savior, it wasn’t long before He sat down to teach them about His kingdom. But how did Jesus teach the masses? He told stories. A farmer sowed seed in a field (Mark 4:1-8); a seed sprouted without anyone knowing how (Mark 4:26-29); a mustard seed grew into a tree that…

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